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A-Class driving school, for driving lessons in Kent and South East London


A Class  Driving School Train to be an InstructorA Class Driving School Train to be an Instructor

hand Option One: The Fast Track

A-Class will have you working in just 12 Weeks!

green hand Option Two: 6 Months Training Package

A-Class can train you while you work.

red hand Option Three: 12 Months Training Package

A-Class train at your own speed while you work.


It is very important to get the right training to become a driving instructor, that's why here at A-Class Driving School we believe in providing the best training to get you to where you want to be. We have fully certified and well experienced trainers to help you through each stage of your training. It is also now a requirement that instructors continue to train and update their skills even after they are qualified and with the A Class instructor training program you will not only get a skill to become a driving instructor but you can also further your training to become an instructor trainer.

To become a Driving Instructor you will have to pass Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of your ADI training.

Our A-Class Instructors will assist you through getting through the first qualifying exam which is theory and hazard perception. You will then be moving on to develop your driving skills to an advanced level which, like learning to drive will become second nature. With the training techniques we use, you would have all the fundamentals to accelerate into stage three which is the instructional ability of your training. With our proven success rate of training instructors you will soon be on your way to teaching others to drive.

Part 1. A.D.I Training

The first part of your training will teach you about the theory and hazard perception elements of the course. You will have a multiple choice exam testing your theory knowledge which will also include a hazard perception test. You'll be helped to get to grips with these subjects by our learning materials and an A-Class trainer.

A Class  Driving School Train to be an InstructorPart 2. A.D.I Training

The second stage will focus on your driving ability which will be carried out on a variety of roads including all types of traffic conditions. Like other driving tests you will have an eyesight test. You will also go through vehicle safety questions and then you will go through your driving ability. Your driving ability will include various maneuvers including an emergency stop. The Test will last about one hour. Be sure to bring both parts of your licence and your Part 1 pass certificate.

Part 3. A.D.I Training

The final stage of your A.D.I will be all about your ability to teach others in order to become an approved driving instructor. You will be assessed on core competencies, instructional techniques and instructor characteristics. The examiner will assess these by playing the role of 2 different pupils. Each pupil will be role played by the examiner to assess your skill. One role play will be that of a complete beginner to driving and the other, someone who is ready to take a driving test. Each role play will last approximately half hour making the overall test one hour in full.


Each of the exams will be taken at different times and will be completed in order. Part 1 can be taken as many times as necessary but once you have passed Part 1 you have to complete Parts 2 & 3 within two years. Parts 2 & 3 you will be allowed a maximum of three attempts to pass. In the un lightly event that you fail three times you will have to wait a further two years from the date you passed Part 1 to re-sit all three again.

ADI Standards Check

For those of you new to the instructor world, ADI Standards Check is a test you have to sit during each 4-year period that you're registered as an approved driving instructor to makes sure that you are keeping up the proper standards of instruction. The test will last for about one hour.

A Class can help you prepare for an up and coming check test with a quick two day course that will finely tune your skills as an A.D.I. or we can watch you teach and we will provide you with a full report on your skills, showing your strengths and weakness which will help you with an up and coming check test or even use it for self development.

A Class Part 2/3 Salvage deal

Having been in the industry for several years we understand that some trainee driving instructors struggle with the schools they are training under. A Class has developed a "Salvage Deal" that has saved the day with the correct training and helped many Potential Driving Instructors (PDI's) become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).
If you are struggling with your training then don't hesitate contact us straight away. We have developed a Salvage pack that could get you your career. Call now on 0845 459 5004 or E-mail through the contact page of our website.

A.D.I's and P.D.I's required

If you want to become a A Class driving instructor with Kent's fastest Growing Driving School contact us to discuss this.

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