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Frequently asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: Do the January 2013 motorcycle licence changes affect CBT's?

A: NO. The CBT course (not a test) will remain unchanged from January 2013. The Compulsory Basic Training will still allow provisional riding of 50cc and 125cc on the roads following the successful completion of the CBT course. (subject to insurance, tax, legal bike etc.) A CBT certificate (DL196) is valid for 2 years from completion of the CBT course. After which (if you have not successfully passed your full motorcycle test) you would have to re-take the CBT course.

Q: I did my CBT on a 50cc moped scooter, I'm now 17 can I ride a 125cc geared machine

A: Yes. The CBT certificate (DL196) is valid for moped riding at 16 and 125cc riding at 17 and older. (subject to L-Plates, mot tax etc.). However it may be sensible to think about some Gearbox Training if you are moving from an automatic to a geared/manual motorcycle.

Q: If I successfully complete my module 1-125cc motorcycle test before January 19th 2013, but not my module 2, am I still subject to this 3rd EU directive which affects my licence restriction?

A: Only if you successfully complete both modules (1 and 2) of the old motorcycle test before January 19th 2013 will you fall into the old restrictions (i.e. 33bhp limit for 2 years). Successfully passing your module 2 motorcycle test after January 19th 2013 means you come under the new licence restrictions. i.e. you will be limited to 125cc (outlined above)

Q: I've passed my module 1 but not module 2, can I ride a bigger restricted bike e.g. 500cc / 600cc

A: No. Passing the module 1 test has only proved you has sufficient control of the motorcycle to take the module 2 test. The module 1 test does not change your licence or entitlement in anyway. Only successful passing of the module 2 test will allow you to ride a motorcycle in the category of test you take (A1=up to 125cc, A2= above 395cc&up to 47bhp/35kw, A= Unrestricted.)

Q: Can I take the A2 motorcycle test on a 125cc motorbike

A: No. 125cc is A1. A2 is 395cc+ between 33bhp and 47bhp.

Q: Why have the motorcycle licence, test and restrictions changed

A: To be honest, we have no idea. It's a european directive which the UK has signed up to, we are just trying to give facts and advice to prospective motorcycle riders. You would have to address that question to you elected MEP (member of the european parliament) or this you local MP.(Sorry)

Q: Under the 3rd EU driving licence directive which came in on January 19th 2013, is there any way to "get around" each 2 year power restriction for a motorcycle licence?

A: To the best of our knowledge no, unless you wait until you are 19 and take the 395cc+ (category A2) test. Then 2 years later take the unrestricted full category A test). Either that or you have to be 24 or over and take your category A motorcycle test through the Direct Access Scheme (DAS) test.

Q: I took my 125cc test before this 3rd EU driving licence directive which came in on January 19th 2013, and I've been riding a machine restricted to 33bhp (25kw) motorcycle. Can I now increase the power to 47bhp (35kw)?

A: No, the category A2 test was taken within the scope of the previous testing and licence restriction. Those licence restrictions remain in place until your two years probationary period has passed. (Then you category A2 licence automatically matures into a full category A motorcycle licence.

Q: Do I need to re-take my theory test for each step in the current motorcycle test?

A: No. You will need just one motorcycle valid theory test for when you take both parts (module 1 and module 2) on any test (category A, A2, A1 or p)*

Q: Can I restrict my bigger bike (250cc, 400cc, 500cc, 600cc etc.) to 125cc ?

A: Technically no. 125cc is the displacement of the engine, not the power. A 500cc engine will always displace 500cc not 125cc. It's not worth thinking about changing a larger engine for a smaller one as the motorcycle (generally) would be the weight of a large engine motorbike with only a 125cc engine to move it. (it would be less effective than a 125cc motorcycle)

Q: Will my 33bhp restricted A2 motorcycle licence be affected by January 19th 2013 changes?

A: No. Existing 33bhp restricted licence will remain restricted until there 2 year maturity when the restriction will automatically be lifted. The changes are not applied retrospectively.

Q: I'm 18 riding a 125cc motorcycle on a CBT (Learner) can I ride in Europe e.g. France, Germany, Holland, Spain etc.

A: No. The CBT only entitles you to learn ride a motorcycle only in the country where the CBT course was taken. To ride a motorcycle in Europe you will need to have taken a full test. Either the category A1 motorcycle test (limits you to 125cc) or you could wait until you are 19 years old and take the A2 category motorcycle test. Two years later at (e.g. at 21 years old) or at 24 years old you could take the unrestricted category A motorcycle test.

Q: If I pass my 125 motorcycle test (category A1) can I ride in Europe e.g. France, Germany, Holland, Spain etc.

A: Yes you have passed your test! The category on your licence still applied Category A1 (125), Category A2 (47bhp) or category A (Unrestricted) as they are the same throughout Europe. Basically you have passed your test so European riding is OK, but no you can't pass a 125cc test in the UK and hop on a 600 in spain.

Q: Can I take my motorcycle test on a scooter ?

A: If you take your motorcycle test on a scooter (Automatic) e.g. a 125cc scooter, you would be restricted to riding an automatic motorcycle. e.g. you won't be allowed to ride a geared motorcycle with a clutch. The power restrictions are the same and described above.

Q: I have a full car licence have I got "grandfather rights" to ride a 125cc motorcycle

A: No. You may have moped rights if you passed your car test before January 2001. Moped is a category p, that's a lowercase p along the bottom of your pink driving licence. In which case you can legally ride a moped. (maximum 50cc restricted to a maximum speed of 50kph or 31mph) To ride a motorcycle above 50cc up to 125cc everyone will need to complete a CBT training course.